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Tower Tavern Gig – 18th September 2009

DonkeyBox flyer

DonkeyBox flyer

While the gig before at the exact venue was a miracle of sheer organisation, this one very nearly didn’t happen either!

In fact an hour after we had played on set, the venue was shut down for playing music too loud. This time the license was not renewed and the landlord had to stop the last band from going on stage. We were speechless as the lights went out and the last band went home…without going on stage!

As for those who were there, they enjoyed a tighter and more consolidated set than the last gig. “Society Made Me This Way” was played for the second time now and we pulled off a smashing outro with blending the “Terminator 2” theme and “The Score” intro. We were so determined to get this transition right after the last gig where it was rusty and messy, and boy we nailed it this time, BIG.

This gig was very different too in terms of how we felt, we were pumped from the excitement of our SxSW application and we were visiting our producer the following day. This showed so well in our set. We were also extremely lucky to have a photographer friend who took some great black and white shots of the band on the night.

We also had some new sign ups for our fan mailing list, which is great news as we slowly but surely build our mailing list.


Tower Tavern Gig – 29th August 2009

Tower Tavern Flyer

Tower Tavern Flyer

This was the gig that almost never happened (again). Originally scheduled to play the Luna Lounge on this date, the venue actually closed down and we were left stranded! So we frantically found a slot at Tower Tavern on the same evening. And Tower Tavern was the place where we had the previous gig cancelled. So it was all a bit shaky…

But the show sure went ahead come the 29th of August..and what a show!

For almost 2 years we have been playing a standard 30 minutes set that always has the same songs in pretty much the same order. Any new songs that have been added are generally fitted into that overall song order.

But this time we were cooking up a surprise πŸ™‚

We completely changed the set order, no longer opening with the Terminator 2 theme. Not only that but we revived an old song after 2 years. “Society Made Me This Way” was dedicated to the demise of Big Brother. Yet another shocker was that we removed “Set Me Free” from the set entirely.

Although not a packed venue, the ones who were there had a real treat with some front row dancers for all our songs!

This gig was yet another testament to the Box surviving adverse conditions and still putting on a show, thanks to all those who made it there. The show must go on!