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Bedford Park Gig – 18th July 2009

First things first, check out the video of us backstage at the Bedford Park, a bit of fun and banter

Bedford Park was a brand venue and for us. And it was the first time that the night was powered by almost all our equipment. The story behind how we got this gig is even more fun πŸ™‚ Bass player Martin was getting flyers through his door about a local rock venue and he researched the place up. It seemed like exactly the sort of venue we could play!

So we all popped down to the venue one evening as a band outing and talked to the guys in the bar and contacted the promoter. And hey presto, we scored a gig, result! We were initially supposed to be one of the starting bands playing alongside some reasonably well established heavy and death metal bands. So we tweaked our set a bit to match the night.

But as the night approached, three bands pulled out in succession as they were double booked at some bigger venues, leaving just us and another new band that joined last minute. As it happened The Transmitters were a really cool band who were a good match to our sound too. But now it was up to us to bring all the equipment like drum kit and amps, yikes we haven’t bought our own drum kit for a while! At least never with Greg.

This is where the local advantage came in and we got the drum kit and bass amp driven to the venue.

At the end we had an amazing show. We can say beyond doubt that with every gig, we just improve a notch and it is a pleasure each time to entertain you. Not only that but this time we jammed a few things just to keep it all organic πŸ™‚