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The Comedy Gig – 9 July 2013

There were a whole load of really cool things going on at this gig. We launched a brand new song “Euphoria” , we gave a video interview for a blog called The Ordinary Dork and we had some photos taken of us live.

DonkeyBox band interview.

DonkeyBox interview for The Ordinary Dork blog.

Despite there being six acts on the night and us going on fifth on stage we managed to squeeze in 7 of our tunes. The set played on the night was.

  1. Crazy
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Hypnotised
  4. Crap Day
  5. Euphoria
  6. Monument to All Your Sins
  7. The Score

Thanks to Mark from Wheel Tappers Music for putting the night on, Tom for filming us and of course all of you who were there who made the night happen and were there to support us there. You rock!