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King’s X Social Club Gig – 2nd December 2009

Somewhere between…

  • applying to play in the US,
  • preparing a 2 hour set for our first gig outside London
  • and getting ready for our first studio album…

…we had actually had our longest break from gigging in over 2 years.

But that was all fixed by this gig. This was a brand new venue that we had never played before, the King’s Cross Social Club certainly had an air of sophistication about it, and sure enough the venue was exactly that.

DonkeyBox charity gig flyer

DonkeyBox flyer Dec 2009

Trouble in Paradise

In the background though what this gig had in store for us certainly tested all our gigging experience to date with enough drama to have actually have had a potential total cancellation of the entire evening.

At around 7.30pm the fuse of the venue tripped and the venue power was out, including the all important bar! Luckily an Electrical Engineering graduate amongst the musicians figured out where the trip switch was in the venue and got it back going again. What a close, close shave.

The first two acts almost didn’t play either but were saved very last-minute by one precious cable in the DonkeyBox gig bag that enabled their backing tracks to be powered through the PA system.

Have some sympathy for the devil and don’t lose yer strap

Martin Ewart

Martin on vocals

The PA system wasn’t performing to spec and the vocals were extremely quiet at the gig, this inevitably affected our set. Somewhat confused we carried on and gave it our full blast with a slightly tweaked set.

Though the vocals were unclear, the sheer power of the drums, bass and twin rock guitars shook the venue hard on its feet, another fuse might have just tripped πŸ™‚

This gig was also a great test run for us to try out a mixed cover of “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Let Me Entertain You” with bass player Martin on lead vocals and Atul on bass. The song was received really well and Martin made his vocal debut.

But more drama was in store as Atul lost the bass strap and frantically tried to control his newfound instrument while the band carried on with the song. Luckily a masterful transition between the cover song and Pointless covered everything up very professionally.

It’ll be alright on the night

In our 8 years of gigging we have fortunately never have had any stage problems (except for strings breaking). We were really glad to have handled the gig and all its organic surprises professionally and calmly. After all that’s what the live show is all about, what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger and besides it makes for awesome live drama.

Thanks to all who were there, as always we love you for making it there πŸ˜‰