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Search for a new bassist begins

And so our search for a new bass player begins.

It has been just over two years since we last had a change in a team member, and before we had a constant turnover roughly every year. Not because of any musical differences or fallouts, just that people either got jobs in different countries/cities, moved on to another stage in their lives.

Abstract Bass Guitar

Rock Bass Rocks

That’s cool by us, DonkeyBox has been an organic mish-mash of many musicians all in all and has continued to evolve with the help of everyone. The core has always been the same and now that 3 of us have been in it for over 3 years we generally have a good rounded sound and work ethic.

With a new player what we’ve always got is that they they’ve refined our sound that little bit more and contributed to new songs, every one who has every played for DonkeyBox has left their legacy behind to be picked up by new people. Some ex-members still regularly come to our current gigs. In that way we’ve matured together as a band and individuals.

So, we’re really looking forward to this process. It will inject some new life into the band and we shall move on to the next stage in the DonkeyBox evolution!


Searching for a blogger for the band

With digital download sales, nationwide gigs and a music video we are expanding the reach of our music. Social media as you know is a big part of web 2.0 and can help with this type of thing.

We are looking for a social media addict and a do-er, yeah we think this is the best way to put it ๐Ÿ™‚

You are:

  • Already a regular blogger (either videoblogger or the typing type)
  • Into rock music
  • Interested in social media and have an eye for good design
  • Comfortable in using Facebook/Youtube/Twitter/Wordpress as a
  • publisher/marketeer
  • Comfortable with statistic collecting and analysis

We’ll get you drunk at gigs and stuff and make you part of the family.

We won’t be able to pay you (yet) but we are linked into other thingsย outside the band and can find other part time jobs forย students/grads/postgrads that you would benefit from. It is all aboutย the connection ๐Ÿ™‚

So get in touch with any links to your blog and on how you could helpย us. Just drop a message here on the comment box and your email will be sent directly to us and we won’t approve the comment so your message will be personal no probs ๐Ÿ™‚

Rochdale Gig โ€“ 12th December 2009

It goes beyond saying at this point that this was the very best gig played by the band EVER.ย  Difficult to write about it as well. But let’s give it a shot anyway here.

Preparation and Build-up

DonkeyBox Flyer


A few months earlier and fired with our determination to play a gig in the US, we were ready to travel up anywhere and gig really as long as we had an audience! And the most natural place for that to happen for us in England was going to be in Rochdale (near Manchester). Martin had got us a gig at his childhood/teenage years local Rock pub and we were up for this, hell yeah!!

The catch…well no catch really, we had to play a long, relaxed entertaining set lasting about 2 hours. Nothing we have done that long before, yikes! We’ve always had a fiery 35 minutes set which is well designed for the London unsigned scene. So we had to learn some covers quick…

In fact now we were just learning covers and had to delay the recording of our new EP/album because of this.

Travelling North with Road crew

Ready to go

DonkeyBox roadies ready to go

Two cars full of passengers, a drum kit, guitar amps, guitars and other random stuff. We started off from London meeting at 7am in the morning…the long drive North started to the blazing sound of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘N Roses ๐Ÿ™‚

A lady friend we found at the petrol station in London wanted to come along North with us but only as far as Camden though. As the cars were full we continued without the extra passenger.

On the way we also decided the set list as one does.

The gig!

Well after a bit of afternoon rest and a swift set up we went on stage for our first part of the set. We played a mixture of stuff ranging from our original material to covers. The pub was small but packed and we could even get a drink from the bar while on stage. We got plenty of that and song requests too with the audience being that up close and personal ๐Ÿ™‚

After the first half the stage was donned by Rob Martin and Dr. G for some classic rock covers that included “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix and “All Right Now” by Free. That was then followed by a one-off cover version of “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. This particular performance featured Pete Lord on vocals, making it almost a 12 year later re-union of Martin and Pete on stage with that exact song.

Round three and DonkeyBox were on stage again, this time throwing in “Hit Me One More Time” by Britney Spears and also an awesome medley of “Sympathy For the Devil/Freedom/Let Me Entertain You” featuring Martin on vocals. We then got a surprise (given that both Atul and Matt were wearing Guns ‘N Roses t-shirts)..

A request for “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”! Well, who were we to disappoint, the public gets what the public wants..and having never practiced this song in this line-up and not having performed it live for over 4 years we blagged it…and damn well too!

The final acts on stage included everyone who had performed that night finishing off with “You Really Got Me” and “Sweet Home Alabama” to which everyone was singing along.

Our thanks

Going on tour outside London involved quite a few people and we have to say our BIG thanks to:

  • Everyone who was there on the night, you made it ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Paul Stark – Official road crew manager; for taking up our gear
  • Rob Martin, Peter Lillitos, Pete Lord; for their supporting slots
  • The totally cool landlord of the pub who was well into this live music thing!
  • The Ewart Family for putting us up and arranging the whole thing

We’ll be back there soon and with a small taste of touring we are keen to hit other cities and towns soon, watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚

Photoshoot Madness

On our frantic last few days of rehearsals before our gig in Rochdale we invited photographer Liza Arbeiter to our band rehearsal space.

DonkeyBox December 2009

DonkeyBox in December 2009; photo Liza Arb

The photo shoot was pretty cool and she took a few group shots of the band outdoors in the awful (but typical and characteristic) British weather. It started raining minutes later in fact!

She also took some shots during a busy rehearsal capturing the energy and mood of the band live in our precious rehearsal room.

Hopefully you will see some of those shots appear soon as we use them for publicity and press over the coming months.

Watch this space :-)i

Bedford Park Gig – 18th July 2009

First things first, check out the video of us backstage at the Bedford Park, a bit of fun and banter

Bedford Park was a brand venue and for us. And it was the first time that the night was powered by almost all our equipment. The story behind how we got this gig is even more fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Bass player Martin was getting flyers through his door about a local rock venue and he researched the place up. It seemed like exactly the sort of venue we could play!

So we all popped down to the venue one evening as a band outing and talked to the guys in the bar and contacted the promoter. And hey presto, we scored a gig, result! We were initially supposed to be one of the starting bands playing alongside some reasonably well established heavy and death metal bands. So we tweaked our set a bit to match the night.

But as the night approached, three bands pulled out in succession as they were double booked at some bigger venues, leaving just us and another new band that joined last minute. As it happened The Transmitters were a really cool band who were a good match to our sound too. But now it was up to us to bring all the equipment like drum kit and amps, yikes we haven’t bought our own drum kit for a while! At least never with Greg.

This is where the local advantage came in and we got the drum kit and bass amp driven to the venue.

At the end we had an amazing show. We can say beyond doubt that with every gig, we just improve a notch and it is a pleasure each time to entertain you. Not only that but this time we jammed a few things just to keep it all organic ๐Ÿ™‚