The Comedy Gig – 15 April 2014

This was our first gig of the year. In the background we were frought were turmoil and trouble on the bass player front. We had found a bass player in February, who had only recently moved from Italy to London to follow his rock ‘n roll dream. It turned out that he had no job and wanted money from making gigs, which sadly we were not able to offer him either of. Last minute we had to let go of him. We had already booked this gig and were now in trouble as we had no bass player to play for us. Luckily, ex bass player Graham who had played the last gig stepped in and saved the day!

The set played on the night was:

  • Hypnotised
  • Just Walk Away
  • Out of Power
  • The Moment
  • Crap Day
  • Euphoria
  • The Score

Many thanks to all those who came down on the night, including ex bass player Martin.


The Comedy Gig – 23 September 2013

This gig was the debut performance of our new man on bass, Graham. Graham is a bass player and the last time we did a gig with an actual bass player was in December 2010. We had been rehearsing our core set with Graham and this gig was an awesome opportunity to introduce him to our world and friends.

The night was quite empty, but we had a total blast and played with masses of energy with our new bass player and played like we were playing to 500 people! We always make it more than worthwhile for those who turn up to our gigs…. you ROCK!

We were asked to play our signature song Crap Day once again at the end of our set. The full set list on the night was

  1. Hynotised
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Out of Power
  4. The Moment
  5. Crap Day
  6. Pointless
  7. Terminator 3 theme
  8. The Score

The Comedy Gig – 9 July 2013

There were a whole load of really cool things going on at this gig. We launched a brand new song “Euphoria” , we gave a video interview for a blog called The Ordinary Dork and we had some photos taken of us live.

DonkeyBox band interview.

DonkeyBox interview for The Ordinary Dork blog.

Despite there being six acts on the night and us going on fifth on stage we managed to squeeze in 7 of our tunes. The set played on the night was.

  1. Crazy
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Hypnotised
  4. Crap Day
  5. Euphoria
  6. Monument to All Your Sins
  7. The Score

Thanks to Mark from Wheel Tappers Music for putting the night on, Tom for filming us and of course all of you who were there who made the night happen and were there to support us there. You rock!

The Comedy Gig – 20 April 2013

Drummer Greg’s father lives in Indonesia and has never seen Greg play live before. On this weekend he was going to be in London and Greg wondered if we should do a gig on this date. And so we decided that indeed this is when we were going to play live!

Lady luck was on our side this time, a lot. We got an extra special and long soundcheck during which we were able to hone our stage sound and technique to perfection. There were only 3 bands playing on the night, which meant we got to play for an hour. Yes, a whole hour! During which we were able to play our longest set since the Luna Lounge Gig. The set played on the night was

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Out of Power
  4. Monument to All Your Sins
  5. Crap Day
  6. The Moment
  7. Crazy
  8. Deep Blue Sea
  9. Pointless
  10. The Score

Camera/Film Person Wanted to Make Videos

Do you like rock music? And filming live music?

We are looking for a student director/producer. You can use your creative ideas to come up with interviews, documentaries and film our live gigs too. Video is a very important medium for bands and it is now possible to shoot really crisp and professional looking videos with SLR cameras. You can build up a great portfolio and explore your ideas with each one of the band members who has a unique outlook and experience.

We can’t pay you as we don’t make any money ourselves but we are happy to cover any travel or other expenses you might have. This is a great opportunity to get started with the music and media business.

We are based in London and rehearse in London Bridge and have a residency venue in Leicester Square area where we gig once a month. We are also working on a studio audio recording so there is going to be lots of really cool video opportunities for you!

Check our website out and if interested email me on atul(dot)rana(at)gmail(dot)com

Tower Tavern Gig – 2 March 2013

After over a year we were back at the venue below the famous BT Tower. We had a bigger stage this time and had some awesome curry beforehand, and we were ready to rock!

We experimented by opening with our song Crazy as first song. As there were 6 acts scheduled to play in the evening we had a very short and sharp set.

The setlist played on the night was:

  1. Crazy
  2. Hypnotised
  3. Just Walk Away
  4. Out of Power
  5. Crap Day
  6. Monument to All Your Sins

Imperial College Radio Show – 25 February 2013

You don’t need to turn up to any gig anywhere. Just login online from home while in your bed/cooking dinner whatever and you will hear us loud and clear.

Radio Show Replay – Click to Play

It was our first ever radio show and how exciting it was!! We some songs and gave out a bunch of small interviews as well. And we had some of our favourite artists playing on the radio, ranging from The Killers, to Metallica and Lady Ga Ga.

Enjoy the show and hopefully we will be doing a few more radio shows in the future 🙂

Bass Player Wanted Urgently!

We’re recruiting a new bass player for DonkeyBox.

We are a well balanced band and bass plays a big part in our sound with one of our songs that is built entirely around a single bassline. All our music is original and our influences include Green Day, Chili Peppers, The Killers, Metallica etc.,

  • We’re looking for a bass player with some previous gigging experience. We rehearse every week and gig once a month.
  • If you can do backing vocals that would be a bonus, not essential but it would help.
  • We’ll get you on the gigging scene, you’ll contribute to songwriting, you’ll appear in photoshoots, videos and of course live on stage.

Interested? Check out the DonkeyBox website to see and hear us on the cyber world. If you like us email Atul on and look forward to meeting you.

The Comedy Gig – 26 January 2013

Somewhere down the line we had gone out of gigging mode again. Partly Christmas holidays and partly a load of other things. But we were back for The Comedy gig with vengeance.

Lady luck was on our side as 1 band pulled out on the night and there were only 3 bands playing including us. We played as final band of the night and as fewer bands were playing we had a nice long set and were able to play 45mins. Result!

We also recorded this gig on camera again and here is a performance of A Monument to All Your Sins (I don’t care).

Set list played on the night.

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Out of Power
  4. Monument to All Your Sins
  5. Crap Day
  6. The Moment
  7. Crazy
  8. Pointless
  9. The Score

The Comedy Gig – 2 October 2012

We made some really bold moves for this gig. Moves that 6 months ago we wouldn’t dream of. With the time pressure of just 30 minutes to play our songs and the fact that we now have a load of new tunes, plus a brand new song we were gonna launch at this gig…..well, a load of old classics simply had to go. Out was also The Moment, which as musicians we love playing!

What was in though was our brand new song Crazy. We felt so confident with this two and half minute burst of a song that we decided to headline with it!

We also recorded this gig on video and here is the debut performance of Crazy.

Set list played on the night.

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Out of Power
  4. Crap Day
  5. Monument to All Your Sins
  6. Crazy