The Comedy Gig – 2 December 2015

As the band grows up and real world responsibility takes over, we’ve had to adapt over the years, but one thing is for sure…we may slow down, but we never stop! Between April this year and until this gig, the world changed more for DonkeyBoxers, and there has been some great news in the band.

atul rana

DonkeyBox at The Comedy Pub

Drummer Greg got married in September and bass player Aaron became father to his first child, a son. Many congratulations are due to both of them. Despite more grown up and adult responsibilities we were back in the rehearsal room October onwards and really, we were dying to get on stage. So we made a return to the venue we have played a gig every year for the last 10 years, The Comedy Pub. For this gig we reworked an old song of ours that Aaron wrote in the 2005 period, but we stopped performing over the years. With this new line up we gave a brand new life to “Are We Burning Out in Hate” and rehearsed it over the last few weeks. Controversially we dropped a lot of songs that we have always played at every gig before, our stock material almost. Out were Crap Day, Out of Power, Just Walk Away and The Moment giving way to a much darker, faster and heavier set. The setlist on the night was:

  • Monument to All Your Sins
  • Euphoria
  • Hypnotised
  • Are We Burning Out in Hate?
  • Society Made Me
  • Pointless
  • The Score

Thanks as always to our supporters who came down on the night, and to Mark from Wheel Tappers Music for hosting the night and doing the sound.

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