Fiddler’s Elbow Gig – 10 March 2015

This is one of the gigs we would rather not have done in retrospect. Of course it is awesome to do gigs and meet our friends, and for that we are eternally grateful and fortunate. So we truly thank you for being there. From an organisational point of view, and logistics with the promoter we learnt a valuable lesson to not do such gigs ever again.

Fiddlers's Elbow

Fiddler’s Elbow ‘each band must pay £10 to hire an amp’ craziness

With no amps provided by the venue, it was suggested that all the other bands bring their own amplification and share. Normally this works fairly well if the bands can turn up to the venue with their amps and bring them in time for soundcheck. But most amateur musicians have day jobs, and as such carrying heavy amps on public transport in London is difficult. Sometimes some bands do in fact bring their amps despite this problem, and we did bring one amp. The Fiddlers Elbow promoter kept emailing bands to sort out amps between them and also kept the pressure on bands to bring at least 10 people to the gig. And if no amps would be bought we have to pay for them. Disgruntled at this, the headline band pulled out on the night, leaving 3 bands to play…and no amplification equipment available. The back-up plan was to “hire” the venue amps at £10 per amp per band. We hired two amps and singer Atul bought his amp, that was shared by the first band as well. The show went on, and we blasted out our set for our first gig of 2015. The set played on the night was:

The set played on the night was:

  • Just Walk Away
  • Out of Power
  • The Moment
  • Euphoria
  • Crap Day
  • Hypnotised
  • Pointless
  • The Score

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