The Comedy Gig – 20 April 2013

Drummer Greg’s father lives in Indonesia and has never seen Greg play live before. On this weekend he was going to be in London and Greg wondered if we should do a gig on this date. And so we decided that indeed this is when we were going to play live!

Lady luck was on our side this time, a lot. We got an extra special and long soundcheck during which we were able to hone our stage sound and technique to perfection. There were only 3 bands playing on the night, which meant we got to play for an hour. Yes, a whole hour! During which we were able to play our longest set since the Luna Lounge Gig. The set played on the night was

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Just Walk Away
  3. Out of Power
  4. Monument to All Your Sins
  5. Crap Day
  6. The Moment
  7. Crazy
  8. Deep Blue Sea
  9. Pointless
  10. The Score

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