Bass Player Wanted Urgently!

We’re recruiting a new bass player for DonkeyBox.

We are a well balanced band and bass plays a big part in our sound with one of our songs that is built entirely around a single bassline. All our music is original and our influences include Green Day, Chili Peppers, The Killers, Metallica etc.,

  • We’re looking for a bass player with some previous gigging experience. We rehearse every week and gig once a month.
  • If you can do backing vocals that would be a bonus, not essential but it would help.
  • We’ll get you on the gigging scene, you’ll contribute to songwriting, you’ll appear in photoshoots, videos and of course live on stage.

Interested? Check out the DonkeyBox website to see and hear us on the cyber world. If you like us email Atul on and look forward to meeting you.


About Atul Rana

Lead singer of rock band called DonkeyBox. Maths and Physics tutor to school and college students, running a tutoring agency business, salsa enthusiast, TV star, all round geek and hero. View all posts by Atul Rana

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