Bands that Inspired Us – Metallica

So after Guns ‘N Roses in our series of bands that inspired us, we now have the almighty Metallica \m/

In the very first incarnation of DonkeyBox, a short-lived band called Melodion, we played 2 Metallica covers at our very first gig. Creeping Death and For Whom the Bell Tolls. That’s all well and good but..

Creeping Death was too fast. We couldn’t actually play it in time. But screw it, we played it live anyway ha ha!

But we seriously loved their stuff man, we even tried playing Master of Puppets in rehearsal, it soon transpired that only the drummer was in time and knew what he was doing. The rest of us had totally lost the plot.

So we dropped it 😦

But when DonkeyBox formed later we tried a simpler cover and as DonkeyBox was more a rock than metal band this seemed to be a better choice. Lo and behold Enter Sandman. This became one of our staple covers for quite a long while, and here’s an actual video performance of us playing that cover from 2005.

We eventually dropped this as well. Not to worry though, our original song called The Score is definitely quite Metallica-esque, so their influence on us lives on, and will live on forever. The memory remains 🙂

And you know, every now and then at band practice we still jam out some Metallica cover. Metallica invented the heavy sound man, it is unquestionable and their drums are truly amazing too.

We hail you Metallica!


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