Our Band Rehearsal Room

Some of our friends don’t know what a band rehearsal room looks or sounds like. We normally take it for granted since it is a cool little space we spend so much time in. In fact of all the spaces in the world we spend more time in the rehearsal room than anywhere else.

We currently use a bunch of rehearsal rooms in London Bridge (this is not actually on the bridge, it’s in the London Bridge area!). These are basic rooms with some sound proofing on the internal walls. Inside the room you have a PA system for the vocals, guitar amplifiers, a bass guitar amplifier, a drum kit and of course some microphones.

This is the equipment we plug into and balance the sound levels out before/during rehearsals. The rehearsals can get pretty loud, but that’s where the fun is πŸ™‚

But nothing describes things in detail as well as a video. So singer Atul takes you on a tour of our rehearsal space in London. Enjoy and please do leave comments below of what you think.


About Atul Rana

Online maths and Science tutor, co-founder of Indie Tutors, singer of alternative rock band DonkeyBox. View all posts by Atul Rana

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