Luna Lounge Gig – 3rd March 2012

Combining two of Great Britain’s favourite loves. Rock Music and Curry!

We were back at the Luna Lounge after almost 3 years, making a return of the rock and curry night. We were joined by The Frayed Laces and Bourbon Street Parade.

The set played on the night was:

  1. Just Walk Away
  2. Out of Power
  3. Society
  4. Crap Day
  5. Crossroad
  6. Terminator Theme
  7. Pointless
  8. Hypnotised
  9. The Moment
  10. Lost Odyssey
  11. Set Me Free
  12. Deep Blue Sea
  13. Hit Me One More Time – Britney Spears cover
  14. The Score

In the background this was a nightmare gig to organise because of the complicated logistics to do with transport and setting up sound. But we did perform the longest set of original songs we have ever done.


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