The Comedy Gig – 7th February 2012

DonkeyBox flyer

DonkeyBox flyer

As we were waiting in that basement at The Comedy pub nervously, band after band had sound checked..we were now the last one to sound check with less than 5 minutes to go before doors opened for the night. Drummer Greg was the last one to arrive and as he’d forgotten to bring casual clothes he was actually out shopping for new casual wear and hence the delay. That’s a first for us but a pretty cool story though!

But none of that was to matter. We really were in true form and total fire for this gig. This was our most energetic performance since our regular return to gigging from September 2011 onwards. Only now have we re-established an energetic, care free, 100% fun fun fun vibe to our live shows.

As for the set list we actually had no idea of what songs we were going to pick for this gig. In the end we settled for a slightly safe option of a repeat of our last gig’s set. Reason being that the other two new songs have been modified since they were launched and we would have probably made a right meal of those if we played them 😉

So the set list played on the night was:

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Out of Power
  3. Just Walk Away
  4. Crap Day
  5. The Moment
  6. Pointless
  7. The Score

The only difference from the last gig’s set being that this time we ended with The Score, which is back to it’s crowing glory as the set ender.

Thanks to all those who were there, and there were quite a few of you! We made new fans and it was great to meet the oldskool ones. We are grateful to everyone who turned up and can’t thank you enough for your support. Rock ‘n roll!


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