Bands that Inspired Us – Guns ‘N Roses

“We’re not stealing it, we’re just borrowing it for a little bit mate” – Keith Richards, Rolling Stones

We’ve decided to start up a new series of blog posts on bands that inspired us. These are cool bands that were really important in our formation and getting and gelling together as a band. So, the first and foremost has to be Guns ‘N Roses.

“You are the band that played Sweet Child” are the words we heard from another band when they were entering the rehearsal room and we were leaving. We’d been together as a band for 3 months and it was pretty cool being recognised. And what a way to be recognised and remembered!

Donkey Box lead guitarist with Guns 'N Roses t-shirt

Lead guitarist Matt wears the coolest t-shirt possible Guns 'N Roses.

When we first all met up for a jam, we kinda knew a mish mash of songs. But we pulled off a really random jam of Mr. Browstone, It’s So Easy and Sweet Child ‘O Mine as if we all knew the songs. And it was clear we really loved Guns ‘N Roses.

So we still jam with Guns riffs every now and then. They have to be one of the defining classic rock bands of the entire genre. In fact they are so good that they cross over into the rock sub genres like Indie (since they played Reading 2010, but the Indie crowd won’t like Axl Rose now anymore..), Glam Rock and Heavy Metal.

The big question then arises, what GnR covers have we played in the past. Well let’s give it away here then:

  • Sweet Child
  • Rocket Queen (one off gig)
  • Paradise City (one off gig)

Eventually we stopped doing the Sweet Child cover. Reason being, Guns ‘N Roses are an incredibly talented band that are near impossible to recreate. Each member in it was phenomenal, from Axl’s incredible vocal range, Slash’s melodic guitar solos and licks, Duff’s groovy basslines, Izzy’s funky guitar rhythms and Steven Addler’s unusual use of the bass drum beat. No one can do Guns better than Guns themselves.



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