2012 is our 10th Anniversary Year!

It was the year 2002 and the new year had just begun. We (at the time singer Atul and bassist Adam) had been out of a band for a few months but were still practicing and hitting up the jam nights at college. We needed two more important members to make up a full band. A lead guitarist and a drummer.

We saw an ad by a drummer and a lead guitarist looking to jam. And on 3 March 2002 Atul and Adam met up with Mike and Matt in the practice room at Imperial College. The musical chemistry was amazing as we blagged a bunch of covers together. We jammed, we laughed and we jammed some more. We played song after song and it was incredible, we could just do them together as if we had been playing together for years.

It was like a puzzle fitting together perfectly. Boom! DonkeyBox was formed.

So 2012 is a very special year for us indeed, we have been going for 10 years! More on this theme over the coming year and we are so excited to have last so so long in a business where you are forgotten in a matter of weeks or months.


About Atul Rana

Online maths and Science tutor, co-founder of Indie Tutors, singer of alternative rock band DonkeyBox. View all posts by Atul Rana

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