Fiddler’s Elbow Gig – 5th January 2012

It took us over 9 months to do our first gig of 2011 but we sure fixed the record for 2012 by doing a gig in this new year in just 5 days. And for what a great cause too, we booked this gig for a Save the Children charity gig and all the bands on the night collectively raised over £300.

After our previous gig we were now on a roll. We had already colloborated with a duo called Hat’s Off Gentlmen It’s Adequate and when they offered us a charity gig in Camden we just couldn’t refuse!

We were on as third act on the night and we’d missed the sound check as two of us were stuck on the London metro network and just couldn’t make the sound checks. So we were a bit nervous when we went on stage, but it really was our lucky day soundwise. The venue and the amps were absolutely amazing and the sound Engineer was a pro too. The result is that we sounded so hot on stage it was unbelievable! Compare that to the last gig where lead guitarist Matt’s amp cut out through one song.

Donkey Box flyer Fiddler Elbow Gig

Donkey Box flyer Fiddler's Elbow

The result of this great sound on stage was that we were super tight and well rounded in our set. We opened again with Hypnotised and you could see the gasps in the audience as they were hit by something truly amazing 🙂

On this occassion we dropped our debut song from last time Crossroad and Lost Odyssey, instead reviving our old classic The Score again. Here’s the set list from the night:

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Out of Power
  3. Just Walk Away
  4. Crap Day
  5. The Moment
  6. The Score
  7. Pointless

Many thanks to all those who were there and the other bands who played on the night and raised money for charity, and also to the sound engineer for giving us a great sound on stage. Enjoy this amazing video of Hypnotised taken in the audience.


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