Tower Tavern Gig – 10th December 2011

We did some really spectacular stuff with our music for this gig. And it is fair to say this gig marked the departure from our old classic sound to a more coherent, rounded and well defined sound. The 5 new songs we have written in about a year outnumbered the 2 older songs of our classic set. We had to make some tough decisions to do this but we boldly went ahead with things and it paid off well!

DonkeyBox Tower Tavern Dec2011

DonkeyBox live on 10 Dec 2011

The Score is a song we have played since June 2003 at every single set we have ever played. And it has almost always been our set closer and the final song of the night. We decided to ditch the song. Another song we truly love playing live is The Moment and that too we had to skip. So what was left then if these two critical songs were left out?

We opened with a song that has only seen two gigs previously, a brave move indeed. But Hypnotised went down very well as an opener. But this gig wasn’t about Hypnotised or any of the other songs.

Our total re-jig of the DonkeyBox setlist was prompted by yet another brand new song we launched at this gig! The song is called Crossroad and it has a riff that is similar to the famous “Smoke On The Water” riff as many people in the audience pointed out to us πŸ™‚ The song didn’t even have any complete lyrics (including a chorus) until about 3pm on the day of the gig!

Not only that but we were so reluctant to drop any songs that the decision for the set list was made after we had sound checked. The set played on the night eventually was:

  1. Hypnotised
  2. Out of Power
  3. Just Walk Away
  4. Crap Day
  5. Crossroad
  6. Lost Odyssey
  7. Pointless
Donkey Box flyer

DonkeyBox flyer

It truly was incredible watching lots of new people dancing and singing along to Crap Day. No matter how many times we play that song live, even we are surprised by how much people love that song and it hits a chord with them. It is humbling to see that reaction from stage. Out of Power and Just Walk Away were more refined this time with added backing vocals from drummer Greg. And finally, our new set ender on the night Pointless was shortened by removing the audience interaction bit that was replaced by a funky new Lady Ga Ga riff.

We signed up new fans on to our mailing list and gave out loads of copies of our free EP, Backstage Pass. This is one of the gigs that has marked a change in the flavour of our set and in just 3 gigs this year we have launched 4 brand new songs.

Thanks to Mark of Wheel Tappers Music for putting on the night on, The Frayed Laces for playing an awesome slot before us and helping us co-promote this gig, Joe for designing the flyer, everyone who was there (including parents of drummer Greg and guitarist Matt) and everyone who supported us in the background to make this gig possible.


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