The Comedy Gig – 18th October 2011

The one that got away last time didn’t get away this time!

This was the second gig of 2011 for us and after our last gig we were feeling like things were falling into place and we were getting a good gig ryhthm (excuse the pun!). For us this gig was the launch of our new song “Lost Odyssey”. This epic 8 minute piece is one we have been working over all summer. A sharp, strong and syncopated song this was pretty difficult to practice and rehearse. And we were going to launch it at the last gig but had to abort last minute as we already had two new songs on our plate.

Just like at the last gig we had the highest turnout of all other bands, we were also joined by Hats off It’s Adequate Gentleman again and we are going to do more and more gigs together. This is a great new collaboration that we are enjoying.

The set definetely had two flavours, part a) the light side and part b) the dark side. The light side had the lighter more poppy end of the set and the heavier side was darker and heavier. This is a pretty accurate reflection of what we do as a band and our different flavours. Our new songs “Just Walk Away” and “Hypnotised” were performed at this gig, giving them a total of two performances so far. They sounded more solid than last time. Although sadly we had to leave Pointless out of the set to accommodate the new material.

The set list on the night was

  1. Just Walk Away
  2. Out of Power
  3. Crap Day
  4. The Moment
  5. Lost Odyssey
  6. Hypnotised
  7. The Score

Special thanks are due to Wheel Tappers Music Promotions who put the night on, Hats off It’s Adequate gentlemen, Kunal from Chaos theory, Andy M for taking photographs, Beth F for making the flyer and everyone else who helped us out in the background to make this gig possible.


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