The Comedy Gig – 13th September 2011

Were you making babies?

DonkeyBox flyer

DonkeyBox flyer by Beth Fisher

Came the shout from the back when we said we’ve been away from gigging as a band for a whole 9 months. In many ways she was right with her comment. We were indeed making babies! Well ok not in *that* way…a baby to a band is a new song. And after a very long 9 months we were back on stage to launch two brand new songs “Just Walk Away” and “Hypnotised”.

But we also had a huge new band backdrop/banner and a bunch of really cool t-shirts for the first time ever. Not only had we spent all that time on new songs, but we made our identity and brand more solid too.

Back in 2002 when we first formed we did two gigs about 6 months apart but this time it had been over 9 months. In the summer of 2003 we made a big shift as a band, we wrote 3 new songs and transitioned from a covers band into a real, originals band with our own identity. The last 9 months has seen us re-invent ourselves. We were writing a lot of songs simultaneously and we launched 2 of these songs. One had to be aborted last minute as it was still not quite ready 🙂

Donkey Box drummer and bassist

Drummer Greg and bassist Matt B

We were without a doubt the biggest crowd bringers of the night and we stormed away with our set. We played these songs in this order:

  1. Just Walk Away
  2. Out of Power
  3. Crap Day
  4. The Moment (with ex-bassist Martin)
  5. Hypnotised
  6. Pointless
  7. The Score

We also had a special appearance by one of our ex-bass players, Martin! Martin in fact played the last gig with us 9 months ago and has been living in New York for the last 7 months. But he was on holiday this week and what perfect opportunity to get him on stage. And that we did, he had his moment with “The Moment”.

As always there’s lots of people to thank. Mark Williams from Wheel Tappers Music for putting and promoting the night, Matt B for playing bass for us temporarily (he is really a guitarist in a nu metal band Scrape), Martin for doing that one off song on stage (flying all the way from New York!), Beth Fisher for designing an awesome flyer, Nirmala Rana for hand painting the new backdrop, Matthew G for vectorising our logo, Tyrone for printing the t-shirts, Alok Rana and Andrew McK for taking photographs.

And last but not least to everyone who was at the gig and you who have supported DonkeyBox through the years 🙂 See you again friend.


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