Our donation to the East Africa famine crisis

Last week was a pretty depressing week news wise. There was the horror of the killings in Norway, the debt problem in America with the risk of default and a major media tycoon in the UK being questioned for phone hacking scandals.

We thought hard and long. Eventually there was no point being depressed about these things. Doing nothing about something that makes you feel bad is not going to be productive. Instead it is better to focus on the things that you can do something about.

And the obvious struck out immediately, 6 out of 10000 children are dying in the East Africa famine at the moment. This is a pretty big food crisis and should have better news coverage. It has got some fairly good newspaper coverage though.

So we decided to make a difference and pay Β£25 towards the appeal (about $40). Where did we get this money from? Well nowhere! We haven’t actually made any download revenue for quite a few months, so we took this one out of our own pockets.

You can help too by donating via Oxfam.


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