Singer Atul in a Music Interview

Singer Atul Rana has given a music interview for a small online Magazine LooseyLucy’s Headquarters. Exciting news indeed for the band given that this is the first interview by a band member specifically on the music industry and the band.

Here is a full transcript of the interview. Copyright of Painted Girls Records.

DonkeyBox playing live

Donkey Box playing live

The Same Five Questions We Ask Everyone

1) What motivated you to become a musician and how did you get started?

Atul Rana: Just the love of rock music in general and the sound of the guitar. I was lucky that my University had a very good scene and it’s own rehearsal room that allowed us to get together as a band. We could also rehearse for free and perform to friends in a no pressure environment. Slowly we outgrew the university scene, but it’s there where it all began!

2) Tell us a little bit about your music.

Atul Rana: Our music can be described as a funky blend of Green Day, Metallica and The Killers. We are an alternative rock band with tunes that have an element of dance in them.

3) There are mixed feelings within the music industry about Internet technologies. How do you see the future of the music industry? How do you see these technologies affecting your music?

Atul Rana: We are lucky to have this technology now. Even 10 years ago we wouldn’t have been able to promote ourselves as artists and sell our music online, but now it is possible thanks to the internet. For new bands the internet is very useful, but the skills needed to market oneself as a band are different to music skills and it is one of those things that a band must learn in order to survive in this new digital age. For older, established bands the internet has led to a demise in sales because of piracy. All in all, I think there are really exciting times for any band, the laws of selling and distributing music are changing and bands are in a sort of level playing field at this period of time.

4) What is one positive thing and one negative thing you have learned about the music business through your experiences?

Atul Rana: Positive: The people who are involved in the business truly love their music, they have to since there isn’t much money in the business! Negative: The amount of work needed in marketing and promotion is phenomenal compared to the work needed in writing and performing. It is easy to want to just write and perform, but that is simply not enough in web 2.0.

5) What advice can you give to other musicians who are trying to make a career of music?

Atul Rana: Be extremely clear and specific with your goals first. They say you can’t hit a goal you can’t see, start things with a vision and stick to it no matter what! Eventually you will start getting there.


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