A Sluggish and Depressing Year

Things haven’t been the best in May 2011 either and there was no blog post for that month. It has been over 6 months since we last did a gig. We haven’t had a regular flow of practices as they have been interrupted due to various reasons. And all 3 of us are tackling difficult working lives. Guess it’s just part of growing older and more non hobby related responsibilities taking over.

The lack of bass player has been a real downer though. Gigs keep us alive, without presenting our art and expressing ourselves we feel locked…and indeed we are locked. And a crucial member of the band is like a crucial member of a family, without it we can’t operate. Yet somehow we have to survive and keep going.

We’re a band that has been through many, many ups and downs and this seems certainly to be one of the worst ones. We are determined to sort this out though, the band that started out in April 2002 has still got that magical energy from all those years ago. Surely, we’ll attract dreamers to our cause.


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