The Moment Recording

Well April 2011 has been a total washout for the band, not a single rehearsal meet-up or performance. I think we can safely say that we are glad to see the back of this month!

Fear not though as we are going up and beyond from May onwards. Our first mission in May is to get a sweet studio recording of our legendary ballad “The Moment”. We have a couple of recording sessions booked and we are really looking forward to recording this cracker of a tune.

After that we are going to book some gigs as well. We still haven’t recruited a bass player, but we are writing new material at quite a rate. We are so excited to be playing new stuff that we just have to gig, we will book some dates and hope for the best when it comes to a new bass player πŸ™‚

Oh and a huge congratulations to the Royal couple today, they are definitely having a great moment with the rest of the country today!


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