Reverse Engineering Jams

That jam was amazing, and once again unlike any other jam we’ve ever done before

We said this last week at rehearsal to each other. And that is quite something to say for a band that has been going for 9 years now. We can come into a rehearsal room after being away for weeks, just do some random chords and jam it for 10 minutes and come up with something new and cool!

On the other hand we are slow to write complete songs. Our conversion rate from jams to songs is lagging. This is for good reason though, we do like to make our songs really good and so we only focus on the fewest and the best of the jams.

Drummer Greg PPedder

Drummer Greg Pedder Jams Away

We do record our jams though, and we probably have over a 100 amazing jams that we’ve done over the years! Normally these jams are left untouched and in our archives, but we’ve recently started reverse engineering some of our jams into songs. It’s hard work and almost impossible to recreate the first magic….but we’re coming pretty close to the spark.


And that’s all we need really, come close to the spark, reverse engineer the jam into a song and then to share the amazing magic with you.


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