The story of Crap Day

It’s been a Crap Day, nothing’s gone my way today, it’s been a crap day, just like every other day

The lines to the infamous chorus of what has now become the most popular DonkeyBox tune “Crap Day”. It is the only song that is a slight diversion from our edgy, otherwise darker melodic rock. But beyond a shadow of a doubt it is also the song that will instantly be picked up by newbies in the audience. The song is the story of how you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and then no matter how hard you try, you are bound to have a bad day!

The song came about in the summer of 2003. Crap Day was originally just a jam. The bandmates had all got into the practice room and were all late. We all had tales to tell why were were late, mostly on how things, trains and eveything conspired against us. Strings broke in rehersal, Matt’s guitar strap came undone (he might have been hungover knowing him those days!) and it was all going unusually and horribly badly for us that day!

Those days we were learning how to play a song called “Amphetamine”, Atul played the chords to the chorus to that song, Mike started drumming, the others joined in and we starting shouting out, “It’s been a Crap Day, Crap Day, Crap Day”. It was a bit of fun and made things a bit lighthearted for us all. We were musicians so we just expressed ourselves. And that was the end of that jam, or was it?

Having got the jam on a taperecorder and listening to it later, the jam struck a chord, so Atul sat down and worked on some lyrics. The original demo sent to the band sounded fairly downbeat with it’s slow tempo and extra lyrics (that are no longer there in the song), but the message and lyrics of the song impressed the bandmates. Then came the hard musical task of making it a full song, namely joining the verse and pre-chorus to the chorus was proving tricky. A few jams later, we came up with the gem in it’s form today.

On top of that since the song was written over 7 years ago, there have been many line-ups that have played that song. Each line-up has added it’s own finesse to the song and we can practically always play the song blindfolded and near studio perfect live!

The song goes down so well with everyone live, people dance to it, sing along to it, and despite having performed it for hunderds of people in total over 7 years, we can never get fed up of it. The emotion of the song still remains the same.

Fancy hearing one of our earliest jams of the song? Drop a comment here and let us know.


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