Search for a new bassist begins

And so our search for a new bass player begins.

It has been just over two years since we last had a change in a team member, and before we had a constant turnover roughly every year. Not because of any musical differences or fallouts, just that people either got jobs in different countries/cities, moved on to another stage in their lives.

Abstract Bass Guitar

Rock Bass Rocks

That’s cool by us, DonkeyBox has been an organic mish-mash of many musicians all in all and has continued to evolve with the help of everyone. The core has always been the same and now that 3 of us have been in it for over 3 years we generally have a good rounded sound and work ethic.

With a new player what we’ve always got is that they they’ve refined our sound that little bit more and contributed to new songs, every one who has every played for DonkeyBox has left their legacy behind to be picked up by new people. Some ex-members still regularly come to our current gigs. In that way we’ve matured together as a band and individuals.

So, we’re really looking forward to this process. It will inject some new life into the band and we shall move on to the next stage in the DonkeyBox evolution!


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