Year in Review 2010

We took some big hits this year, and hits not in the good way but the bad way! We got rejected for SxSW 2010, our bid for opening with Bon Jovi failed (we were halfwaaay there) and we didn’t even get the small gig in Malmo Sweden. A year where we dreamed big and also got rejected big. We lost our roadie as he moved to Singapore and we stalled on the recording of our EP. And the thing we love doing most, playing live…well our live gigs suffered badly, we only played 4 gigs in 2010 (a record low) and barely saw each other for months.

And then to top it all off we lost our bass player at the end of the year.

I know, I know…I can just hear you singing along, “it’s been a craaaap year” ha ha!

So, on these final hours of 2010 we think we should also look at the achievements and milestones we had this year. These were:

  • Our brand new song “Out of Power”
  • Playing our longest set ever in Rochdale, over 3 hours long
  • Doing 5 practices in 8 days, commitment or what!
  • We met you on twitter πŸ™‚
  • Sending CDs of our EP Backstage Pass to reviewers and bloggers in Sweden, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia and more countries. And we met you all via twitter, how cool is that!
  • We got an online review on the awesome Clink Magazine
  • We jammed a lot and recorded it all on a new Zoom recorder
  • Kept selling Backstage Pass EP on iTunes
  • So having made this list we do feel a LOT better, sure we didn’t gig as much, write as many songs or sell as many downloads as we wanted but we met YOU on twitter πŸ™‚ And you know what, that means more to us than anything else. We met the coolest of people possible; from Vanessa in Peru, Gosia in Poland, Jess in Sweden, Mia in her virtual world, Jodi in California, Carmen in Canada, Charlie, Brad and loadsa others. With some of you it was just fun banter and with others, you wrote about us in your blogs etc., or just encouraged us and many many thanks πŸ™‚

    So we realised it is all about people and making friends who truly appreciate what you do and the music you make. With that core value in mind, we move on to 2011 and will rise from the ashes of 2010 to become more active than ever.

    Bring it on 2011 and a Happy New Year to you!


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