Bass Player Martin to Leave the Band

After a two year stint with DonkeyBox we are sad to announce the departure of bass player Martin Ewart from the band.

The departure has been due to difficult musical differences that could not be resolved…and he was just about to spontaneously combust….

Wait a minute that doesen’t sound right at all….scrap that!

Bass player Martin

Bass Player Martin

Ok, the truth is that Martin is moving to New York city for a year. And in this way he is following DonkeyBox bassists tradition. First Adam Steineck moving to Sweden, then Marc Shackman to Switzerland and now Martin to USA.

Both Marc and Adam are *still* involved with the band so Martin will always be around the men of the mighty Box when he returns back to the UK.

We will miss him though.

But he will be going with a mighty big bang with the longest DonkeyBox gig….EVER! This will our Rochdale gig that Martin has  organised himself at his family home North on 4th December 2010.

Martin will still be with us until February 2011 so you will see him at a few more gigs at least. We are fully behind him and wish him all the best for his new life in the US of A!


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