Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 9 (Continuum)

And as I approach week 9 of the program, I am left wondering where all that time went! But it didn’t all just go like that either, there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the book is put into ACTION.

And I have met some really cool people along the way on Ariel’s forum. It has been the forum that has been really valuable. A place where people listen to you and give you feedback.

The final week and chapter is all about the continuum programme, which broadly speaking covers the product funnel that DonkeyBox need to create a real sustainable business, real, true business. But I like the word continuum for another reason. The actions for every week I think have just been a taster of on how to make the band work as a business. The tips and action points from every chapter have to be consistently and continuously carried out as a habit for life.

This means not stopping on the interactions on twitter, it means to continuously streamline the band’s web design features, to think of fans as customers and all the other things we have learnt all long the way.

The book itself is a continuum to be applied.

Funnel and Filters

This week specifically looks at the band branching out and producing a range of products way, way more than just the music. Products that will help us identify how committed some fans are and how much they are willing to pay for niche products by the band. So, my quick brainstorm from the book helped me identify these products.

  • Free: Our Live Set of 3 songs/All our stuff on MySpace etc.,
  • £0.99: One download of our song on iTunes
  • £4: Full EP/Gig Ticket
  • £5-£10: T-shirt
  • £5 per month: All Access to our material including jams
  • £15-£30: Hang out with the band
  • £100-£300: Private Gig
  • £500 onwards: Sing with the band on a recording

So that was a quick brainstorm of the products we can offer. It actually feels really good to assign monetary value to things that the band can create. And just doing that alone has been so good for my confidence in this respect.

As for taking action, I have already started getting our t-shirt designed. I even ordered a prototype and am getting the design tweaked before we go for a run of about 20 t-shirts. And the “all access club” already has so so much content that I can get a lot of mileage out of that too.

And so the challenge ends

So, I entered the challenge just to see if I could blog consistently and I also entered it because I know it was going to FORCE me to take action that had to be done to truly experience the book, which really isn’t a book but a manual.

It might well be the end of the blog challenge but I don’t really see it as an end, the real hard work comes now, to maintain consistency in action, to do my “5-a-day” for the rest of my life, to continuously look at my goals for the band and to slowly as Ariel says “water my social media garden” Results won’t come instantly because that is not how gardens grow..but results will come.

In-fact two great results straight from the book have already come, we are being reviewed by two bloggers and our twitter followers have jumped from about 100 to 400, guess where I found the bloggers? Twitter of course. Thanks so much and I’ll see the new friends I have made on the forum!


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3 responses to “Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 9 (Continuum)

  • Gina Chavez

    Amen to that! Best of luck on music and biz and all the fun we’ll get into after week 9. Cheers from Austin, TX -gina

  • ariel

    WOW! You Rocked this challenge! I am really proud to say my book helped you grow your online fanbase and that you stayed the course! I know what I asked for was not easy and you rose to the occasion!


    Please have Martin get in touch with me when he gets to New York – I would love to have him at one of my networking parties that I host at my office in Brooklyn.

    And The next time I’m in London I want to come to your networking event – they seem wicked!

    Love, Ariel

  • Atul Rana

    Thanks Ariel for the kind comments. I will pass your details on to Martin. And who knows he might even get us a gig in New York 🙂 The London meet-ups are great, I really enjoy that and I am proud of starting that!

    I will stay involved with the forum and keep reading and implementing the book until I have *everything* in it DOWN!

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