Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 8 (Networking)

“Meet 3 new people each week who might help you” – Derek Sivers

This week was one of my most, most favourite things for musicians and indeed any type of marketeer or business owner. That being..

Real life networking!

While twitter, facebook, wordpress etc., etc., are great in the cyber realm as powerful marketing tools, they are merely there to amplify one’s own humanity and human-ness.

Or in other words, people connect to people and the only real, tangible way of that happening is through real meetings in the flesh.

When you meet someone you can tell so much from their poise, voice tone, passion in the voice and everything else. And this is where networking comes in. After having read Derek Sivers’ advice on meeting 3 people a week that can help you with your music career I was ready to take action. 3 people a week, even for 2 years is a hell of a lot of people!

I was stumped for a while on how I could do this…I also wanted to meet people who were like minded like me and success oriented. I found this not to be the case in my normal circle of old school/uni/”99.9% of the world without ambition” friends. So I did the next best thing instead…

I set up my own networking forum!

About two years ago I set up a group on Facebook called Rock Bands in London..this grew but it wasn’t rocking man. I was frustrated at meeting the same old musicians at the same level, with the same complaints. So I set up a group where more committed and driven musicians could meet up.

So what I did about 9 months ago was to actually meet these people in real life. Over a 100 people in the group and only 2 or 3 were turning up. And I was blogging regularly now on a full scale Rock Bands in London blog.

Those who turned up were awesome! The rest…were all trying to network in the digital world, which never works as well as the real world.

And a great side effect of the networking was that I never realised that I could myself help out and encourage other people who just needed the extra push. In doing so I am giving out more than I get…and being a natural coach in my day job, I get satisfaction from this. Plus motivating driven musicians helps me motivate myself too!

So yeah, what can I say…the digital world is the digital world…but my good friend, the real world is where it is at 🙂


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