Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 7 (Growing Mailing List)

So we are now approaching the end of the challenge slowly with just two weeks left and it has already been an incredible journey.

The band mailing list really has one end goal…

To make the band money!

As capitalist as that may sound, this is really the reason why bands are in it…financial success is a measure of true success in this world for an artist, money talks. There is a tact in communicating with a mailing list though for sure, and this is what this chapter looked at, amongst of course tips on how to actually nicely grow that mailing list.

A few things that were really good to me and I have never tried before were:

  • Make time once a month just to clean up and work on the mailing list
  • Swap contacts with a friendly band
  • Scroll through real facebook friends and fans and ask them to join
  • Try out mobile texting as well
  • So over the next coming months I will be adding these techniques as well to consistently and persistently grow our mailing list.

    But there is of course more to electronic contact…there is real life meetings and networking, and that will be covered in week 8. This is going to be one of my favourite chapters for sure!


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