Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 6 (Newsletter & Fans)

  • Who are our fans? What do they look like? Where do they shop? What else do they buy? What drives them?
  • How to craft email newsletters to the fans that really matter…

Who are our fans?

This was a tough question for me to answer for a few years…as our only “sale” for several years was people turning up to gigs. When we started at University it was very clear who our fans were, they were people involved in the live music society and were blinded by what we did 🙂

When we graduated, this became harder to quantify and when we started struggling to get even 10 people to a gig at was painfully clear at times that maybe we have no “real” fans at all. I mean friends of bandmates turning up to gigs is all well and good but this number is very limited.

Thankfully our EP Backstage Pass started selling on iTunes…at over $150 sales we now know we have real “buying” fans. Thanks to Facebook Ads and Twitter I threw the “marketing net” to all ages and for now I have identified our target audience and the result is really really great.

And that is pretty liberating. So I have followed Ariel’s advice and come up with a profile of our ideal fan, what they do, where they shop etc., etc., and my band marketing is now more consistent now that I know who I am talking to.

Do you still want to be on our mailing list?

I sent an email out with this subject header to our mailing list 3 days ago. I am so so happy to have done this especially when three people un-subscribed.

For about 4 years I was using bcc: to email band supporters. For one year I have used FanBridge. For 3 months I have used it with analytics.

The problem was that I had added lots of old school/uni friends in the early days of the band and these were jumbled up with genuine fans that I have never met and love the band purely for it’s music.

How could I possibly treat the two groups as the same? They are not the same at all!

So I cleaned up the band mailing so that only the most dedicated, few people who have positive energy to provide to me stay on our communications. And I am happy that I have cut down my band’s mailing list by giving people an explicit and clear option to opt out.


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