Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 4, Part 2 (Facebook)

  • A girl turned up to see us during band rehearsal
  • Another one turned up to a gig
  • And loads of CDs mailed out across the ocean..

The crucial bit….well none of these people lived in London, or even the UK. They were based in America and they had come to see DonkeyBox while they were on holiday in London, how cool is that!

It was 2006, Facebook had spread like wildfire at the Imperial College London campus and Facebook had opened up and joined all the schools and universities in America (and the world). This wasn’t like myspace, this was more about students and boy there was loads of students talking to each other on this stuff!

Opening of global groups was an incredible experience, I started conversations with a lot of American people (as most of Facebook was US students then). While DonkeyBox had a Facebook fan club group since 2006, in 2008 we could formalise this more by creating a proper business like fan page.

In Ariel’s book, she mentions how we can tart up our Fan page with some really cool widgets. So we’ve tried out a few already. The all important mailing list sign up form is there as well.

I have also run pay per click facebook ads which have been useful.

To me Facebook allows a deeper level of interaction than twitter and I am still working on optimising our Facebook strategy using Ariel’s book and my own ideas.

Ariel’s challenge for week 4 also had things on Flickr, photography sharing and podcasts. As there was so much to do for this week and I was already behind, I will cover these topics later.

For now…see you on Facebook my friend 🙂


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Online maths and Science tutor, co-founder of Indie Tutors, singer of alternative rock band DonkeyBox. View all posts by Atul Rana

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