Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 4, Part 1 (Twitter)

  • A girl bought our song after a twitter conversation
  • One turned up to one of our gigs after a tweet
  • Another one is about to review us on her blog
  • A select few twitter followers are about to get a CD…
  • These are the results we have via DonkeyBox twitter already.

    To most people twitter doesn’t make sense, but to me it is an absolutely amazing social networking medium to meet new, like-minded people who could be interested in DonkeyBox. I’d rather find these people than try to convince friends who are not into rock music to like DonkeyBox. And I haven’t been disappointed, I am beginning to find connection!

    So week 4 was all about Ariel’s book jam packed social media stuff. I had to split this in to two parts. But essentially week 4 is about “watering your social media garden”. I so love this approach and terminology!

    Instant results from social media are just not possible…it just doesn’t work like that, people are not machines, we are organic creatures that need to be nurtured. So much like a garden you have to consistently and constantly keep in touch with people, make connections and then you can grow connections.

    What are the “techniques” I used then to get to this level. This might sound silly but all I did was follow a 100 people at first (using the Green Day followers list as a sample to follow people from). Followed a few tweets, replied to tweets, got to know people a bit more and slowly but surely I had made new friends 🙂

    I was tempted to follow more and more people, but I have tried to make deeper connection with fewer followers first. If you are genuinely interested in other people, others will take interest in you too….

    Twitter has been working well for DonkeyBox, so this leads us to part 2 of Ariel’s challenge now…Facebook.


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    Online maths and Science tutor, co-founder of Indie Tutors, singer of alternative rock band DonkeyBox. View all posts by Atul Rana

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