Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 3 (Website Optimisation)

This week was all about the website and the band web presence in general. Our on-line visual identify is important and in doing so so is the question “what is the point of this website anyway?” perspective.

In pretty much the intro of the chapter Ariel spells out that our band website should have just these few purposes

  • Build our email list
  • Make us money
  • Allow two way communication

The main website

So I got straight on it. I started with our website. I was lucky enough to have had the band website reviewed by Ariel in front of a big hall of people. She really liked it and at that time she gave me a few tweaks to do to make the site cleaner. They were:

  • To play up our sense of humour 🙂
  • Make our mailing list box stand out more
  • Make social media links more apparent
  • Spruce up our Youtube site

So this I am happy to say this has helped optimise our website even more. Hopefully this will lead to more conversions in terms of sales and also new people added to our mailing list.

Consistent Design Presence on Web

I then tried to make sure our design colours of black and grey are used throughout the web on all our sites where we can customise this. Admittedly when I started with our MySpace and changed to their new layout style I had to tear my hair apart and I am still working on this. Twitter I am quite happy with as the pitch and colour schemes are good. Youtube is getting there although to truly customize it more with our band logo and exact colour scheme I will need to get hold of a programmer/designer I think.

So all in all, our web presence is more congruent with a well defined logo and colour scheme and I’d say I am about 80% of the way there. There is still the hard task of getting all the social networking sites totally in sync with the rest of the site but that is a continuously ongoing process. I will be needing your help for views on what looks good and not shortly too. Thanks again for reading 🙂


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One response to “Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 3 (Website Optimisation)

  • Ariel

    You are definitely headed in the right direction with crafting a consistent and effective online presence. Keep up the great blogging, can’t wait to read your thoughts on week 3!!

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