Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 2 (The Pitch)

Ahhh the band pitch..something I have been working on at least for two years and still trying to hone perfection. The shock that I first got on how important the pitch was through Derek Sivers’ ebook “How to call attention to your music” and then I found him talk about it in even more detail on Ariel Hyatt’s sound advice videos.

I realised that instead of putting crap like “we sound like no other band” or “we’re classic rock” (which is still slightly better) I had to make the description extremely short, snappy and to the point. This is infact known as the pitch or the elevator pitch (i.e something you can tell someone in an elevator ride within 30 seconds and get the message across).

Proudly excluding people…

In my earlier band days when I described the band I was quite vague and even embarrassed by the band name, I guess I was trying to please everyone and also to get everyone interested in the band. My exact words in the pitch were “there’s bound to be something for everyone in there”;  ouch! Of course I realised (from Derek’s book) that it was way way better to proudly exclude a lot of people so that I could target just the people who would be interested in our band’s music. 99.9% of the population are either indifferent or/and are not into our music..and that is cool.

With that freedom I then started experimenting with different pitch ideas through the coming months. I even got some hot moo cards printed. Moo cards helped me shorten the pitch even more since there were only a few letters available to use.

The funky chicken dance – buck buck buckkkkaaooow

At work I used to do really silly things to embarass my workmates. I’d just start flapping my arms and doing a spin…I told my friend that this was the funky chicken dance man..let’s liven up this office! It worked well…for me and embarrassed my workmates…mission accomplished 🙂

So I said “What the hell man, let me just try this description for the band, why the hell not eh?”

So I got bold with our silliness, I realised that to get any results you sort of need extreme actions and extreme descriptions that stir up people’s emotions. I then described the funky chicken dance in the band pitch!

I also left my job and that office incidentally and became self employed instead, hell yeah!

Pitch evolution

So here are a few pitches we’ve used over the years, you can see how I started off vague and then eventually got sharper and more to the point with the band pitch.

  • 2004 Rock band based in London, England blending a fine cocktail of rock, groovy funk, metal and punk.
  • 2005 Rock band based in London, England making good old, no-nonsense, no frills, all out ROCK. Our sound ranges from mellow/happy vibes to attitude filled heavy rock with a sweet tinge of metal, and there’s bound to be something for everyone.
  • 2008 Pitch on Moo Card: Rock cocktails with a sharp, sweet edge.
  • 2009 An alternative rock/heavy-rock band based in London, England. Our sound is a sweet blend of the edgy Greenday, Metallica sounds with a dash of the smoother Goo Goo Dolls and The Killers
  • 2010 An alternative rock band from London, England. We sound like Greenday and Metallica doing the funky chicken dance with The Killers.

So there you no means is our pitch final and we’d love any more ideas or suggestions you have for us. But thanks to Derek and Ariel’s advice on this we are as close to a great pitch as we can get!


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