The Comedy Gig – 16th July 2010

DonkeyBox Flyer

Well the last 4 months has seen the band reduce activities to the bare minimum. And we’ve only had 2 rehearsals as a full band…yet we launched a brand new song at this gig! The one and only “Out of Power”.

Despite work getting the better of us over the last few months, we were determined to carry on and week by week we rehearsed and worked on new material. At some rehearsals there were just the 3 of us and sometimes we were reduced to just 2, but we kept going. In the last 3 weeks we were finally all 4 again! And when it came to the BIG week of the gig we were just going to make the song gig ready…but we’d lost our drummer to a work emergency.

But we were determined to launch a new song and we went ahead and did it anyway, a song that has not been fully rehearsed as a band!

And we changed our set list order as well drastically, opening with The Moment. We felt shaky at times but we knew that we were still extremely solid and confident as a band. A band that has been around for 8 years and has grown together in that time. We loved every moment of it…as we always do.

Press Photography

They say that you wait ages for a bus and then…3 of them come along at once! We had gold hold of Annelie from Anuli Photography to take live shots of the band. But unknown to us and after a 2 year absence from gigs, our photographer friend Jide Alakija turned up to a gig with another photographer friend.

So we were being shot at all angles by photographers while we delivered our rock tunes.

Another unforgettable gig…this gig was a testament to our determination to continue and deliver. We promise not to be absent for another 4 months…as it kills us too to be away that long! See you soon friends.


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