Ariel’s Blog Challenge – Week 1

As Stephen Covey says in his famous book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”:

Begin with the end in mind

Ariel’s book Music Success in Nine Weeks kicks off with how to set a vision and helps with the all important goal setting task. This week was going to be the most difficult one for me because of the soul searching I had to do..but I had to get this one down or else there would be no point to the rest of the book…

Five Mini Victories a Day – For Life

The first thing I really truly loved about in this chapter was the fact that she encourages everyone to write 5 small mini achievements of the day…this keeps the individual motivated and focused on positivity as it is just so easy to be dragged down by setbacks or negative stuff. By concentrating on positive achievements..even the smallest one, the brain gets more and more self fulfilling positive programming.

So I’ve now been doing my 5 daily mini victories for over a week in my diary and it feels good. I don’t think I will ever stop this process and build this as a habit for life. Even on “bad” days there are so many good things that I have done 🙂

Soul Searching – Choosing goals that only I can influence

Last year I signed up to Kavit Haria’s course and was for the first time forced to think of goals. That I did but I never really looked at the long term goals again. Even the 3 month goals flopped. The goals seemed way off and as I am in a band situation I always feel I don’t have control on many outcomes as a band of 4 should have everyone ticking with the same motivation and drive.

Of course this is not the case with DonkeyBox. The band is my creation and for years I have kept it going by motivating others to keep playing in it. And roughly every 2 years a band member leaves for personal reasons (like in January 2010 our current bassist may have to relocate to New York). I am completely alone in marketing and managing the band and it is a lonely job. My motivation is different to my band mates motivation for being a part of it.

But now that I have accepted this as it is cool, Foo Fighters, Van Halen etc., are all one man operations essentially so this is nothing new. I just have to do things that I can control. In other words I use my circle of influence as Covey says.

So my goals really have to be my goals. I have to let go of the fact who will be around in the band in 2013 and who won’t. As long as I am still there it is all good 🙂

Goals and Target Areas

  • 1000 True Fans – There is nothing in this world like true true connection. Music is a priceless commodity when it connects to the very heart. Yes, the manifestation of that many fans will come via revenue. The money isn’t important in itself. The 1000 fans who will be as excited as I am about everything to do with the band and it’s music 🙂
  • Touring abroad – One gig in Europe by summer 2011; we’ve come so close to that this year
  • New Songs – 5 new songs by the end of 2010
  • Number of fans on our mailing list

So this is a short sample of my goals. In my diary I have made the goals very clear and explicit, there are goals for the next 4 years, goals for the next year and for the next 3 months. This time I will look at them regularly and constantly review and amend them.

Let my goals be my constant internal driving force.


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