Top Roadie Hits the Road

Ready to go

Paul (right) gets ready for the road

Heavy Electronic gear, gizmos, amps, wires, mic stands, guitars, a drum kit and the barren concrete road leading to a new promised land of rock and roll. No road too long and no gear too heavy…and this was what Road Manager and chief roadie Paul Stark got known for while he was helping The Box tour the world.

He has been with us at pretty much every gig and we are sad to announce that Paul will be leaving the UK and hitting the road himself for a new life in Singapore.

His dedicated commitment to getting the gentlemen of the Box and our gear to a new town for a new night of rock and mayhem was invaluable over the last two years. Although he’s been friends with drummer Greg and bassist Martin for yonks, it was only in the last two years the rest of the band got to know him.

But we are also excited that he is making a move to new shores and do wish him all the best for the future. Hopefully we will see him when we tour South East Asia soon.Β 

We’ll miss ya Paul, all the best from the gentlemen of DonkeyBox!


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