Band rehearsal – An acid jam

Did you know that we have absolutely loads and loads of audio files of really really cool organic jams that we do in the rehearsal room. I bet not!

Well the most amazing part of band rehearsals for a band is the organic creative side of it where we just start playing something and we go on and on until the sound is blended into a smooth and tasty (sometimes not so tasty!) jam. We often have the problem where we get distracted by jamming and go into “play” mode. While of course we should be in “work” mode, i.e new songs, sorting out song arrangements and tweaking existing songs.

Drummer Greg Pedder in rehearsal room

Drummer Greg Pedder in rehearsal room

Well, for the first time since 2002 (yes, it was all the way back then when we released rehearsal jams!) we are glad to bring you an ambient jam captured by our MiniDisc recorder on 24th June 2009.

The cool thing with this jam is that because drummer is playing bass, lead guitarist is on drums and bassist on lead guitar…the sound is really a cool and ambient way.

Enough blabber now, check the song out right now here and give us some feedback on it. Who does it sound like? What does it make you think and feel?

So click on
DonkeyBox ambient jam audio and hear right away πŸ™‚


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3 responses to “Band rehearsal – An acid jam

  • atulsworld

    It reminded me most of Dirty Three, stuff that I’ve heard at Rishi’s. Although we’re clearly missing a violin here.

  • Rish

    I love this kind of stuff, you could play a set of just this and
    I would be there, totally into it.

  • atulsworld

    You should pop into a band rehearsal then one of these days. If we get the Luna Lounge for a long long set one night, we could put some ad lib jamming into it too.

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